A multi-country logistics center1 Logistics leader for southern Europe and Mediterranean2 Easy partering & specialization3 The most advanced port in the MED4 The most advanced port in the MED5
A Multi-Country Logistics Centre
Logistics Leader for Southern Europe and the Mediterranean
Easy Partnering and Specialisation
An Advanced Logistics Port in the Mediterranean
Barcelona as Port Centric Logistics
From Barcelona a logistics network can reach 400 million consumers in Europe and the Mediterranean/Africa in less than 48 hours.

Savings between 10-15% in distribution costs compared to serving these markets from northern Europe.

40-50% savings in your carbon footprint from the Suez Canal serving central European markets from Barcelona instead of the Northern European distribution nodes.

Favorable tax regime in relation to other European countries like Holland or Luxemburg.

Global logistics operators with capability to organize and manage distribution networks with added value specialized services.

A unique and seamless logistics & business hub, including airport, port, logistics areas, the city.

Industrial specialization, sectorial clusters and powerful partnership opportunities.

Available skilled workforce at reduced labour costs.

Bridge with Latin America.
Barcelona European Logitics Center (BARCELOC) -