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The fashion and design industry has a long tradition and presence in Catalonia and the footwear sector is concentrated on the Spanish east coast. These industries are constantly evolving, and from a logistical point of view they require reliable and flexible management as well short delivery time. Their supply chains have become more complex and they demand services that were previously provided in production centres or shops.

In this sector Barcelona hosts top logistics companies with expert staff and specialised services, including:

  • Distribution transport in containers or specially adapted trucks for clothes on hangers, or shoes, with deliveries in predetermined time slots. There is also an offer scheduled for air groupage.
  • Services such as ironing, perching, labelling, bagging and placing in shops, among others, including reverse logistics management.
  • Order-fulfilment services to perform the entire process from receipt of the order at the warehouse to picking and final delivery. E-fulfilment services to support the increasing use of e-commerce in the textile sector.
  • Integrated logistics services (fashion logistics) comprising all the value-added operational activities from primary transport, storage, adapting the product to the market, right up to final delivery.
The Port of Barcelona and Catalonia already work as a point of reception and distribution centre for leading international brands such as Zara and Mango. Thanks to its experience, Barcelona is prepared to act as a point from which to perform postponement or direct-to-store strategies for the final adaptation of products to different markets, both European and Mediterranean, and for triangular operations with South America.
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