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Apart from being located in an important production and consumption area, the combination of its location and general logistical capacity give Barcelona a competitive edge for receiving and distributing industrial products (machinery, electrical equipment, components, etc.) and consumer durables (appliances, furniture, toys, etc.).

These are products with medium delivery times but require larger and more efficient logistics services, because commercial manufacturers and distributors tend to focus on their core business and exert great pressure to lower logistics costs without reducing customer service level.

To achieve these objectives, logistics operators around Barcelona have the capacity to tailor services to all phases and requirements of the physical and commercial distribution chains:

  • Supply (or Procurement) and consolidation of products, with features such as real-time inventory management.
  • Managing customer orders reception and picking, including expert handling of fragile goods.
  • Supply to production chains or delivery outlets (supermarkets, shopping centres and small shops).
  • Reverse logistics and spare parts management.

In such cost-sensitive logistics, it is also essential to optimise Customs management. Also critical are the ability to tailor the final assembly of products, packaging and marketing materials at the time of delivery, as well as the integration of information and communication systems between operator and customers.

One case that requires particular expertise is the management of industrial projects and machinery or spares with special sizes.

These are just a few examples. The wide variety of industrial products and consumer durables on the market require specialists to design solutions that are adapted to each case to combine an adequate level of service and to bring down overall costs. Barcelona is able to respond to these challenges.

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