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WHY BARCELONA? Barcelona as Port Centric Logistics
A Multi-Country Logistics Centre
Logistics Leader for Southern Europe and the Mediterranean
Easy Partnering and Specialisation
An Advanced Logistics Port in the Mediterranean
Barcelona as Port Centric Logistics
Production costs are falling but the costs of moving goods are rising. There are new strategies for reducing logistics costs such as the so-called Port Centric Logistics. It consists essentially of placing a large warehouse in the vicinity of a port for unloading the container, returning it to the terminal, preparing the products to adapt them to the final market and organising distribution for a wide area combining various transport means and services: cross docking platforms, full load and parcel services, etc.

This strategy reduces the time-to-market of products, increases responsiveness to customers and facilitates reverse logistics. It also makes it possible to reduce inventories and lower port and logistics costs. The combination of all these effects reduces the Port's environmental impact.

Thanks to its port capacity and especially its logistics knowhow, Barcelona is an ideal location to take advantage of general trends towards concentrating warehouses, making the most of Customs advantages and implementing port centric logistics strategies, particularly now that global logistics routes have shifted to the South and through the Mediterranean.

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