A multi-country logistics center1 Logistics leader for southern Europe and Mediterranean2 Easy partering & specialization3 The most advanced port in the MED4 The most advanced port in the MED5
WHY BARCELONA? Logistics leader for Southern Europe and the Mediterranean
A Multi-Country Logistics Centre
Logistics Leader for Southern Europe and the Mediterranean
Easy Partnering and Specialisation
An Advanced Logistics Port in the Mediterranean
Barcelona as Port Centric Logistics
Barcelona is the leading port in southern Europe because of its ability to organise logistics networks and to provide value-added services to some of the most relevant economic sectors.

Barcelona hosts the largest logistics area and facilities in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, around a modern ocean port. Among them, the Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL) of the Port of Barcelona, with its 200 hectares of logistics facilities, house more than 130 freight forwarders, Spanish and international logistics operators and large multinationals, and 250,000 m2 of warehouses. Attached to the Port you can also find a tax free zone.

What distinguishes the Barcelona logistics area from the rest is that it houses logistics operators with the ability to design, organise and manage more efficient logistics networks, and provide specialised services to industries such as fashion and footwear, electronics, industrial products, consumer durables (appliances, furniture, toys, etc.), chemicals and automotive products.

As shown by the experiences of companies that import and distribute in Europe, lower logistics costs depend primarily on high level factors such as optimising distribution networks, reducing stocks, balancing customer strategy response and logistics, and adaptation to market conditions.

Barcelona's logistics capability allows it to meet those requirements and makes it possible for a company to outsource transport, storage and all kinds of logistics services that are tailored to their own products, without the need to invest. In this way, companies can concentrate their resources and efforts on gaining an in-depth knowledge of markets and selling their products.

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