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Electronic products require a high concentration of stocks, very secure warehouses and extremely dynamic and efficient logistics. Because of rising transport costs and difficulties in meeting the new requirements (parts and reverse logistics, after-sales services, expanding markets south, etc.), there is a trend to seek a second distribution centre in Southern Europe.

Barcelona is ready for this mission. On the one hand, thanks to its vocation: Barcelona is considered mobile world capital, it has the 22@ district and other industrial parks specialised in technology companies. On the other hand, owing to its logistics capacity, the main logistics operators have departments specialised in this sector and offer services such as those described below, which are part of tailored logistics solutions packages:

  • Real-time Inventory systems, online track & tracing and GPS tracking.
  • Merge in transit service to group products from different suppliers and consolidate orders.
  • TAPA security system for storage and transport of high-tech products.
  • Preparation of orders with specialised assembly services, postponement or re-branding, among others.
  • After-sale services: returns management, revisions, repairs and replacement of products.

In short, Barcelona offers logistics solutions tailored for different segments of industrial products:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Computer products
  • Electronic components
  • Telecommunications
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