A multi-country logistics center1 Logistics leader for southern Europe and Mediterranean2 Easy partering & specialization3 The most advanced port in the MED4 The most advanced port in the MED5
WHY BARCELONA? A Multi-Country Logistics Centre
A Multi-Country Logistics Centre
Logistics Leader for Southern Europe and the Mediterranean
Easy Partnering and Specialisation
An Advanced Logistics Port in the Mediterranean
Barcelona as Port Centric Logistics
Barcelona is the most competitive logistics centre for serving jointly the markets of Europe, the Mediterranean/Africa and South America. Moreover, the Port of Barcelona offers direct container services with the shortest transit time from Asia to Europe: 21 days.

From Barcelona it is possible to organise the distribution logistics for Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa with lower total costs, faster and with a lower environmental impact. It is also an excellent base for trade and logistics operations with South America.

This is due to a combination of its geographical position, historic, commercial and cultural relations with the entire area, and Barcelona's port capacity and logistics.

As such, Barcelona is in a position to act as a multi-country logistics centre and a base for commercial teams from Asian companies with an advantage over other regions of northern Europe.

For companies already located in Northern Europe, Barcelona offers the opportunity to act as a second gateway and a base for expanding markets in the South. In fact, a company located in Europe, can use Barcelona, as a second logistics centre without the need to create a new company or incur in administrative expenses.

Barcelona offers efficient road and rail distribution to main industrial, logistics and consumption centres in Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean. In less than 24 hours you can reach all major cities in Spain, France, Italy and Germany.

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