Amazon Group invests 200 million euros in its logistics center in Barcelona which will be operation in October 2017.

Fred Pattje, COO of Amazon Spain, signed the purchase of land where the multinational will build its biggest logistics center in Southern Europe. Amazon will invest 200 millions euros and will create more than 1500 fixed jobs in 3 years.

Amazon has a hundred of logistics centers in the world, 29 of them in Europe. "The center in Barcelona will be the closest to a larger urban center, the only one that can be reached by metro”, explained the manager. "Amazon wanted to be in Barcelona, it’s a decision made by the Group, because in Barcelona they have a powerful clientele, and because it is a perfect gateway towards the South of Europe, and also because the talent they found, especially from IESE and ESADE business schools."

The Centre in Barcelona will be part of the European network: The vision of the company is to deliver from any center to any point, but they cannot have all their catalog of more than 132 million of products in a warehouse. That’s why they are bringing near processes and technology in order to serve any point in Europe the day after, and that’s why Barcelona it is strategic.